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תוף סנר

CUSTOM Pearl Session

Custom Pearl Session 4.3X13

  • Made from Pearl Session 13" tom Shell is 7 Ply  (6.5mm) Birch- Mahogany  Unique 4.3 deep x 13".  8 New quality tube lugs, 2.3 snare hoops, Pearl piccolo snare strainer,  New Remo USA heads, Pure sound snares. 

  • Vintage finish 'Racing Stripes' black\ green Pearl.

1590 שח


AQ2 13 6 SD.jpg

Sonor AQ2 6 x 13

NEW! Sonor AQ2 Maple Shell  6x13  power hoops . 8 lugs 

1099 שח


במלאי מתצוגה

Pearl Sensitone Steel Snare 14 x 5.5 

Pearl  Sensitone Steel Snare 14 x 5.5 8 lugs


650 שח

2af39fd576747f5e0d28a098e2e341a2 (1).jpg


LUDWIG ACROLITE Classic (USA) 5 X 14 Aluminium Shell w/ 8 brushed Classic dual snare lugs, New P85 strainer, and 2.3mm hoops, Ludwig Heads

2345 שח

Custom MARS PRO Maple/Mahogany -  7X13

Custom MARS PRO  7X13

Custom build Maple/Mahogany Shell 7X13 9 Ply, 8 Vintage Premier lugs, Pearl Strainer, Pure sound Snares, Original Laquer green Fnish



Premier Custom1960's Mahogany 8 X14

Build from 60's Tom Shell,  8x14 Mahogany W\ reinforcment Rings, DW style Strainer, 8 lugs, Die cast Vintage Hoops, White Marine Pearl Finish

1995שח   1595 שח


Custom Pearl Session  6X13

Custom build Pearl Session Series Shell  6X13  7 Ply  (6.5mm) Birch- Mahogany, 8 Rogers lugs, Pearl Strainer, Pure sound Snares, Sea foam Vintage finish

**** שח

20220622_000741 (1).jpg

 NEW! LUDWIG Epic  6X14

LUDWIG Epic Birch/ Maple Shell 6X14 10 Lugs.

1150 שח חדש בקרטון


Ludwig Supralite  6.5x14 

LUDWIG LU6514SL SUPRALITE 6.5 polished steel snare drum10 Tube lugs, 2.3mm Hoops. 

New P88I Strainer 

1250 שח

Ludwig Classic Series Hybrid with Oak Shell Snare 14 x 8 in_

Ludwig Classic Maple Hybrid w\Oak 8x14

Ludwig Classic Maple Series Hybrid with Oak Snare Drum 14 x 8". Shell features inner and outer plies of American red oak and a core of 3 maple plies for a thinner shell. 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops and  10 standard lugs. Gun Metal Glass finish

2495 שח

ludwig sd.jpg

NEW Ludwig Breakebeats 5X14

  • NEW!  6-ply, Poplar Shell , 5"x14, 8 lugs, Azure Sparkle Finish

.495 שח


Tama Rockstar Custom Pro 6X12

Made In Japan 12" tom Tama Rockstar Custom Pro.Royalstar Lugs,2 Vent Halls, Pure Sound 20 custom Wires, New heads ,Vintage Finish White Marine Pearl  W\ Blue strip wrap.

1145 שח


Tama Artcraft 80's  6.5X14

Made In Japan 14X6.5 Tama Artcraft BIRCH Shell.  Pure Sound 20 custom Wires, New heads ,Vintage Finish White Oyster.

1295 שח


Pearl session 6.5x14

.**** שח

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