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מערכת תופים

80's SONOR (Germany)

80's SONOR (Germany)  4 pcs  Shells are 6-ply beech with rounded bearing edges

Bass Drum 22" x 16

Tom Tom 12" x 10"
Tom Tom 13" x 11"
Floor Tom 16" x 16"

Modified tom and Bass brackets! using german made force 3000 brackets for toms, yamaha for bass.

5500 שח 


80's SONOR
TAMA Swingstar

TAMA Swingstar 5pcs  

Bass Drum 22"
Tom Tom 12" 13"
Floor Tom 16 

Snare Drum 14

Dark Blue Finish 

כולל מצילות תלמיד הי הט 14 + קראשרייד 18

**** שח 


Premier Artist Birch

Premier Artist Birch 4 pcs MADE IN ENGLAND

16x22  Bass Drum  8"×10 Tom

9"×12 tom,  14x 14 floor

RED Laquer Finish

**** שח    


90's Tama Artstar ES

90's Tama Artstar ES  4 pcs MADE IN JAPAN

Birch\ Mahogony Shells

16x22  Bass Drum  11"×12 Tom

12"×13 tom, 16x16 floor

Brushed Chrome Finish

2450 שח    



1799 שח 

Tama Artstar ll Jungle

Premium North American Maple Shells, 3pcs Tama Artstar ll Custom toms convert to small Jungle Set.

15x16 BD 10x10 TT  11x12 FT 

New Blue Oyster Finish.

Unique one of a kind set!

 מחיר  6450 שח 

Black Transperent
New Ludwig Epic

NEW! Ludwig Epic 6 pcs Birch \ Maple Shells, Black Chrome Hardware

10 x 7.5" Tom tom (foc)

12 x 8" Tom tom

14 x 14" Floor tom

16 x 16" Floor tom

10 lugs 22 x 18" Bass drum

10 lugs 14 x 6.5" Snare drum

Black Transperent Finish

חדש בקרטון! 

מחיר  6350 שח 

Black Transperent
Black Transperent
Tama Artstar ll Custom Jungle
SONOR AQ2 Safari Set

NEW! SONOR AQ2 Safari Set  4 pcs MAPLE Shells 

Bass Drum 16" x 15"
Snare Drum 13" x 6"
Tom Tom 10" x 7"
Floor Tom 13" x 12"

White Marine Pearl Finish 

כולל  Cymbal + Tom Holder

חדש!      מחיר 4790 שח 

Tama Imperialstae "Bop"

Tama ImperialStar 4 pcs Poplar Shells 

Bass Drum 18" x 14"
floor 14x14
Tom Tom 10" x 7"
Tom 12" x 8"
+ Tom Holder

Vintage White Sparkle Finish 

ללא אבזור

מתצוגה! **** שח 

New Ludwig Epic

NEW! Ludwig Epic 3 pcs

All Birch Shells 

8"×20 "Pancake" Bass Drum

 7"×12 Tom

12"×16 Floor

Blue Fade Finish 

אחרון מתצוגה! 

מחיר 3450 שח

epic 1.png
LUDWIG Brakebeats

NEW! LUDWIG Breakbeats


16" x 14" Bass drum

10" x 07" Tom tom

13" x 13" Floor tom

14" x 5" Snare drum

ללא אבזור 

 מחיר  2720 שח

LUDWIG Accent Series

NEW! LUDWIG Accent Series 


Bass 20x16

Toms 10x8   12x9 

Floor 14x14

Snare 5.5x14

כולל אבזור ומצילות בסיס

 מחיר  2955 שח


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